About Rajah Filter Technics

About Us


A part of the Rajah Group of companies, Rajah Filter Technics benefits from the experience gained from a long history of excellence and value-added ventureship. The principles of Quality and Reliability, are deeply ingrained into our philosophy as is our mission to do business with a conscience and maintain high quality both in our products and in our dealings with our partners and clients.

Rajah Filter Technics manufactures high quality water filters for Point of ­Use and Point ­of ­Entry (POU/POE) Systems in both residential and commercial applications. Clean, fresh water is a fundamental human necessity and we are proud to offer premium activated carbon filters in both block and granular forms to make that concept a reality.

All our filters are made from premium quality coconut shell based activated carbon to ensure low ash content and optimum purification.

Research and Development
R&D is a part of life at Rajah Filter Technics.  We are always looking new ways to improve upon our already excellent production processes. Optimum productivity and quality control, low environmental impact and satisfied clients are our constant goals.
Quality Control
We have a fully equipped, in-house, high tech laboratory  where every batch of our activated carbon filters is tested for every detail. Our technicians ensure production standards remain constant and the best quality is delivered, on time, every time. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any queries regarding water purification products, shipping or service in general.