Granular Activated Carbon


Rajah Filter Technics’ sister company, Kajah Activated Carbon, is a leading producer and exporter of premium grade coconut-based granulated activated carbon. Most of the activated carbon used for our filters is produced by ISO certified, KAC, under stringent conditions, ensuring top performance and on-time delivery.

As a leading carbon water filter manufacturer, producing our own activated carbon gives us complete control over the quality of our filters at each and every stage, ensuring you get the very best product.

Granular Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

Different carbon-based material can be used in the production of granular activated carbon but we use only coconut shell because of its high absorbency, micro pore size, sustainability of the source, and  low ash content. Coconut shell is the hardest form of carbon available and it has low levels of attrition and dust.

Coconut shell based charcoal is steam activated in a rotary kiln where it reaches temperatures as high as 1100OC in order to convert it to its ‘activated’ state.  Then it is removed from the kiln and refined by Dedusting and Destoning. Finally, stoneless activated carbon passed through a Gyro Screener for particle size separation.

How is GAC Made?