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Rajah Filter Technics provides high quality water purification solutions for Point of Use and Point of Entry (POU/POE) Systems in both residential and commercial applications.

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High Quality Water Filter Solutions

We offer all kinds of activated carbon water filters in both block and granular forms. All our water filters are made from premium quality coconut shell based activated carbon to ensure low ash content and optimum purification.

We believe in continuous learning and therefore R&D is always a part of life at Rajah Filter Technics and we are always looking for something new. Our production processes are streamlined and continuously checked for optimum productivity.


Carbon blocks for removal of Chlorine, Lead, Chloramine, Biostatic, Arsenic and multi specialized blocks with different activity.

Nano Silver-impregnated activated carbon for Bacteriostatic and Biostatic with different percentage of loading from 0.05% to 0.3% of different mesh sizes like 8 x 30, 12 x 30, 4 x 8, etc.


Specialized Granular Activated Carbon with different mesh sizes (ASTM) (6 x 12) (8 X 20) (12 X 20) (20 X 50) (40 X 140) (80 x 200) (100 X 325) etc.


Specialized carbon for removal of Lead, Chloramine, VOC’s and also for combined claim.


All types of impregnated activated carbon

Water Filters

Lead Removal Using Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filters are an effective tool in water purification for both widespread residential use and manufacturing processes. Weather using block or granular carbon filters, the goal is to remove free chlorine and organic compounds from the water. This reduces...

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27 Top Drinking Water Statistics and Facts

1. 2 billion people don't have access to safely managed drinking water (Drinking water from an improved water source that is located on premises, available when needed and free from faecal and priority chemical contamination) Source: JMP (WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring...

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The Discovery and History of Activated Carbon

The actual “discovery” of charcoal was likely long before the first recorded use of the substance in about 3750 B.C. Because charcoal burns hotter than wood, it was often used for melting and combining metals in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians eventually discovered that...

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How a Coconut Becomes Activated Carbon

Turning Coconut into Charcoal Another term for activated carbon is activated charcoal. Both of these terms refer to a charcoal material that has been reheated and oxidized (“activated”) to increase porousness. So, one of the necessary steps toward turning a coconut...

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Sourcing Your Carbon Blocks from Overseas?

Carbon blocks have become a popular product worldwide because of their perfect applicability in the manufacture of water filtration systems. As a material, carbon is widely available, so there are a variety of carbon block manufacturers across the globe. Businesses...

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How to Choose an Activated Carbon Filter

What is Activated Carbon? Activated Carbon is just stuff made out of carbon molecules, from materials like coconut or peat, which is ‘activated’ by heating it to high temperatures inside a special kiln. This causes it to develop an extremely elaborate network of pores...

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