Carbon blocks have become a popular product worldwide because of their perfect applicability in the manufacture of water filtration systems. As a material, carbon is widely available, so there are a variety of carbon block manufacturers across the globe. Businesses have no shortage of choices when shopping for activated carbon blocks, but there are several things to consider when sourcing carbon blocks from overseas.

Why Source Carbon Blocks from Overseas

Depending on your location, it is likely you can get higher quality carbon blocks for a more affordable price if you purchase the product from a different country. Many international companies can produce carbon blocks more cheaply because of proximity to raw material and lower labor expenses.

What to Look for in a Carbon Block Manufacturer

It’s important to invest time and effort in finding the perfect carbon block manufacturer for your purposes. Here are a few factors to consider.


Any supplier you use should be trustworthy and reliable, but this becomes especially important with an overseas supplier. Customers are sometimes nervous when they don’t have the opportunity to meet a supplier in person or examine the product first-hand.

Luckily, there are other ways to establish trust and reliability: namely, reviews and testimonials. If you are concerned about the trustworthiness of a potential carbon block manufacturer, request customer contacts or search for reviews online.


Very few of us have unlimited funds, so cost is almost always a consideration when shopping for a carbon block manufacturer. While affordability is desirable, it’s also important to make sure that the activated carbon blocks your purchase are still high-quality.

A good manufacturer won’t cut costs with the product itself, but will instead provide savings to the customer through natural access to raw materials and more affordable labor.


The supplier’s distance from you will affect the cost, but distance shouldn’t be a final, determining factor. Many companies, including Rajah Filter Technics, can provide excellent shipping rates, even to far-off locations. Just don’t forget to take the additional cost of shipping into consideration when comparing product prices from overseas suppliers.



Ultimately, the operation of your water filtration system relies heavily on the quality of activated carbon blocks used in the system. For this reason, quality is a major consideration when shopping for a carbon block manufacturer.

Fortunately, NSF International provides a universal standard across the market for a variety of materials and products, including carbon. There are several NSF certifications that can address quality control for materials used in water filtration. Rajah Filter Technics has the certifications NSF 42 and NSF 61, which are two of the most important to look for when comparing carbon block manufacturers.

Look for certifications like NSF 42 for material requirements to ensure that you are buying from a quality supplier.

The Advantages of an Indian Carbon Block Supplier

India is the world’s most robust coconut producer. The country produces approximately 13 billion coconuts annually, far more than other coconut-producing countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. Because the Indian market is saturated with this raw material, which is the primary component of our activated carbon cartridges, we are able to purchase coconuts for far less money, which results in cost savings for our customers.

Coconut worker

Coconut is the best material for carbon filters for a number of reasons. Not only do coconut activated carbon blocks have a lower ash content than those made from coal or wood, but the micropores in coconut also capture contaminants more efficiently. Coconut also creates the hardest type of activated carbon available, so our product is very durable and long-lasting.

Additionally, the labor in India is very cost-effective—another savings we are able to pass down to our customers.

The Right Supplier Will Reduce Stress

Quality, cost, distance and trustworthiness are all factors to consider when shopping for a carbon block manufacturer overseas, but perhaps the most important consideration is your comfort with any given supplier. Find a company that respects your time and makes you feel at ease. With the right supplier, sourcing carbon blocks can be a pleasant and stress-free process.