How To Install An Activated Carbon Filter

An activated carbon filter is in many ways, the backbone of your water purification system. Most kinds of water purifiers use activated carbon blocks in one or more stages of the purification process. The most common type of filter is an RO filter which has a three housing pre-filter, which then connects to further filtration components. This guide applies to most RO filters and to most stand-alone filters that use three housings.


How to replace your activated carbon filter


  1. Sediment pre-filter and housing
  2. GAC pre-filter and housing
  3. Activated Carbon pre-filter and housing

Activated carbon block filters need replacement every 6-12 months depending on usage and the quality of input water. To know the durability of the filter cartridge you use, check with your manufacturer. Rajah Filter Technics manufactures extra long-lasting CTO removal blocks.

To Install or replace your carbon block:

  • First, make sure the input valve to your water purifier is shut off.
  • Loosen the housing that holds the carbon block by turning it clockwise. In this case, number 3.
  • Remove the old filter, and clean the housing. Wash it with mild soap if possible.
  • Once clean place the new filter inside the housing.
  • Screw the housing back in place by turning it anticlockwise. Use a wrench if you have one.
  • Turn the water inlet back on and check for leaks.
  • And, you are done replacing your carbon block filter!

Always make sure you check with a professional or with your manufacturer before you decide to do your water purifier maintenance yourself so that you are sure you are using the right parts and that you have installed them correctly.


With regular maintenance and care your water purification system should run trouble free, giving you and your family safe and healthy drinking water for many years.


Always make sure you use quality products and NSF certified replacement parts.