Cool Solution to Office Cooler Contamination

The water cooler is a common fixture of the office environment. In fact, water coolers in offices are so commonplace that there are saying built around them, such as “water cooler talk” for office gossip. Most people don’t think twice about them — but could your office water cooler be making you sick?

The truth is that many water coolers used in offices have no filtration systems in place. This means they are open to contamination, no matter how carefully the plastic jugs are cleaned before they’re placed in the cooler (and some offices don’t clean their water jugs at all). What’s more, plastic water jugs with exposure to sunlight can develop a green, unhealthy film, and mold and mildew can form inside the unit where the water jugs connect.

Aside from that, traditional water coolers can be both expensive and an environmental hazard. Typical offices go through a lot of plastic water bottle deliveries, which both adds to traffic congestion and generates more plastic waste. Constantly reordering plastic water cooler jugs can also add up quickly in costs.

The Benefits of Filtered Water Coolers

One possible solution to the potential environmental and health hazards of the traditional office water cooler is the use of industrial filtered water coolers. These types of water coolers are bottle-free and hook up to the existing water supply in your business, saving you the time, money and hassle of constantly ordering and replacing plastic water bottles. You’ll also save on storage space with filtered water coolers, as you don’t have to stock up on bulky, awkward five-gallon water jugs.

What’s more, filtered water coolers produce better tasting water that is also healthier. Because there is no open area to place bottles where water can leak out, this type of water system doesn’t develop mold or mildew. Advanced purification and filtration options such as coconut activated charcoal water filters and additional sanitation steps deliver a much cleaner, fresh tasting water supply.

With a traditional water cooler setup, the open jugs can allow bacteria and other microbes to infiltrate the water, posing a higher health risk. Filtered water cooler systems eliminate this path to contamination, and also eliminate the need to clean and sterilize the water system on a regular basis, as traditional coolers require.

Finally, a filtered office water system offers environmental advantages. These water coolers do not produce plastic waste, and don’t require frequent delivery service.

With no mess, no fuss, and significant convenience and cost savings over time, not to mention cleaner, better tasting water that is healthier for you and your employees, filtered water coolers represent a fantastic investment for any business. Consider replacing your bulky office water cooler with a convenient filtered system today!